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May 2015
Marshall Thompson
May 05 2015 04:55
I have a <data-manager> can.Component that has a paginate attr with several of its own properties. Is there a syntax to specify a property like paginate[‘limit'] directly in the tag?
 <data-manager paginate.limit=“10">
Josh Dean
May 05 2015 18:48
Can someone explain to me why we have the inserted event fire twice if we call DOM manipulation functions with a renderer function, as opposed to once if we call them with, say, a DocumentFragment?
E.g. - this will call inserted twice
But this will call inserted once
Brian Moschel
May 05 2015 18:49
doesn't seem right
that might be a bug
@halcyonandon yeah, it is
you can pass any object into a control
and bind to its properties or its change event
but the syntax you pasted won't work
could you say some more specifics about what you're trying to do and i can help correct that?
you pass objects in via the constructor
Brian Moschel
May 05 2015 18:54
the options argument
2nd argument
also, the events property of components are just can.Controls
Justin Meyer
May 05 2015 19:06
Regarding @imjoshdean 's stuff ... you have to call the template, you can't pass can.append a renderer function
Josh Dean
May 05 2015 19:17
Yeah. Ditto goes for $.fn.append