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May 2015
Chris Gomez
May 18 2015 14:58
Does anybody have a CanJS boilerplate JSBin link handy?
Marshall Thompson
May 18 2015 16:23
There are a couple on Stache’s data helper page that you can use.
Chris Gomez
May 18 2015 17:20
James Atherton
May 18 2015 17:20
Justin Meyer
May 18 2015 21:48
@BigAB no, it does not
Adam L Barrett
May 18 2015 21:50
@justinbmeyer Do you think it should? Would there be a reason to use component outside of a template? Would it even be possible?
Justin Meyer
May 18 2015 21:52
it would be great if you could
but there's no scope
so things like bit-tabs
would make sense
but you'd have to figure out what a component that took non-string data would look like