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May 2015
Nikolay Nadorichev
May 19 2015 07:54
is it possible to pass additional data in jQuery manner when can.Component triggered event on its root DOM-element? for example:
    init: function () {
        this.element.trigger('init-ready', ['someData']);
and listen to it using can-init-ready attribute in parent scope
Nikolay Nadorichev
May 19 2015 08:24
I see, it was impossible in 2.1.4 and should work in 2.2.5
Chris Gomez
May 19 2015 18:41
@justinbmeyer @daffl I have a getter that's dependant on the length of a list. Without binding, the property gets re-evaluated. With binding, it does not:,js,console
It seems if I don’t use dot-syntax it works.
I wonder if this is the singleBindCompute issue we looked at.