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May 2015
Josh Dean
May 20 2015 15:09
Something interesting worth noting that I just never really thought about before...
Mustache/Stache helpers work with both # and ^
While in hindsight this makes perfect sense - we've never really documented it as such, so I never really gave it much thought.
Adam L Barrett
May 20 2015 17:30
If you you have a list which is a can.List with a can.Map in it, and you call list.attr() should you get an array with a can.Map in it, or an array with an object? Does it recursivly do .attr()?
var map = new can.Map({ msg: “Hello" });
var list = new can.List([map]);

var arr = list.attr();

// does it?
assert(arr[0] === map );
Adam L Barrett
May 20 2015 17:51
Okay, I can see it does not return a can.Map and in fact does recursively call.attr(),console
So my problem must be elsewhere
Matthew Phillips
May 20 2015 17:51
you should get a plain object
Gerard Finnerty
May 20 2015 22:58
Hey, I was wondering, with radio buttons, should there be a change event on {scope.theAttr} when toggling the selected radio input?
<input type="radio" name="radioGroup" can-value='someAttr' value="someValue"/>
so then this event should fire:
'{scope.someAttr} change': function(scope, el, value) {