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May 2015
Gerard Finnerty
May 21 2015 03:22
eh, I guess that event doesn't really work, ignore me
Nikolay Nadorichev
May 21 2015 10:31
@halcyonandon you need to use can.Map.delegate plugin to achive this I guess
Curtis Cummings
May 21 2015 21:03
Is there a clean way to make the response from a save() call overwrite a list
I want the list property to be completely replaced after the save. I’m pretty sure I’ve done this before but I’m drawing a blank
Alexis Abril
May 21 2015 22:51
@ccummings good question, I think it has to do with:
I’m not sure what the best way to get around that is(writing an overriding update method and inheriting from that instead of can.Model directly?)
thinking aloud
@ccummings for reference, my thoughts above:
I feel like that might be the wrong way, but life finds a way :)