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May 2015
Vojtech Prikryl
May 25 2015 15:22
Hello! Anybody using CanJS with WEBPACK?? Know how to solve this:
(program):38 ./bower_components/canjs/amd/can/view.js
Critical dependencies:
50:16-23 require function is used in a way, in which dependencies cannot be statically extracted
Patrick Clancy
May 25 2015 17:14
Is there further configuration when using testee with phantomjs? The docs say,
"The default browser is PhantomJS, just make sure you have it installed anywhere on your system.”
Which I do...
phantomjs —version > 2.0.0
When using the DEBUG=testee:* option I’m seeing this timeout error. What might cause a timeout error?
  1) General error http://localhost:3996/test/test.html?__token=b9jlnd on {"browser":"phantom"}:
     Error: Browser timed out within 120 seconds
      at testTimedOut [as _onTimeout] (/Users/patrickclancy/.nvm/v0.10.29/lib/node_modules/testee/lib/runner.js:43:42)
      at Timer.listOnTimeout [as ontimeout] (timers.js:110:15)
David Luecke
May 25 2015 19:23
@Aldredcz Can you try with RequireJS? Also, maybe you just have to map can/util/library to can/util/jquery
@patrickclancy The launcher doesn't work with PhantomJS 2 yet (when I checked the last time they didn't have a working binary for MacOS - which is probably fixed now)