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Jun 2015
Jani Mikkonen
Jun 15 2015 17:20
@justinbmeyer why im not using stealjs ? multiple reasons, company i was working for uses webpack for the main web client uses webpack and has some tooling and "standards" around that so sharing resources between two teams was easier - and then it was also easier to go with something we already knew that would work because my team's goal was to address nodewebkit, smarttv's and normal web .. so it was just easier at the time to go with webpack ..
Matthew Phillips
Jun 15 2015 19:06
That's cool, really appreciate you doing an article about using it with can
Justin Meyer
Jun 15 2015 19:16
@matthewp @daffl either of you having hipchat problems?
Morgan Heimbeck
Jun 15 2015 21:03