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Jul 2015
Alexis Abril
Jul 08 2015 07:00
@opolyo01 Yep, you’d want to use it inside a template. In one component’s template it’s common to use other components.
Jul 08 2015 13:03
somebody knows how to tell when canjs has rendered everything? i'd like to embed my app in a server-side phantom instance to serve indexable content. i chose amd over stealjs.
David Luecke
Jul 08 2015 15:05
CanJS renders synchronously so you just need to keep track of all the asynchronous loading you are doing.
2.3.0-pre also supports server side rendering now using
Jul 08 2015 16:57
can.param converts nested objects to bracket syntax like country[name] but my backend expects them to be like in the query string. Is there an easy way to do that so it applies to all requests? should I just overwrite it?
Chris Gomez
Jul 08 2015 17:06
@dylanrtt Maybe you can extend can.route.param:
It’ll create the bracket based nested objects, and you can replace them using a regex afterwards.
Jul 08 2015 17:13
well I'm using the util which I guess is jquery, not the route version, but that should work. thanks!
James Atherton
Jul 08 2015 17:23
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