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Jul 2015
Juan Orozco
Jul 09 2015 02:27
It seems like Stache doesn't like block level html inside SPAN tags.,js,output
Has anyone else seen this?
Curtis Cummings
Jul 09 2015 02:30
I’ve seen it. We fixed it specifically for <a> tags in 2.2
Issue: bitovi/canjs#1134
The fix was to make the parser treat <a> like a block element, not sure we want to do the same for a span though
Juan Orozco
Jul 09 2015 02:34
Hrm... that's not cool...
I mean, that Stache cares so much about HTML structure. Then again, I know zero about it so...
Curtis Cummings
Jul 09 2015 02:36
Stache implements an HTML5 parser to create a DocumentFragment, which is way different than parsing a string to create HTML (like Mustache and EJS)
Patrick Clancy
Jul 09 2015 14:40
Does Stache support an inline svg? I’m not sure I’m doing this correctly so feel free to point out my errors.,css,output
<svg class="shape-icon">
    <use xlink:href="#shape-icon_back" />