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Jul 2015
Joe Crick
Jul 31 2015 19:52
Is it possible to interrupt a route change? I’m trying to implement a warn the user they’re navigating away from the page with unsaved changes confirmation that can be triggered when the user changes the route (including back or forward browser buttons).
Curtis Cummings
Jul 31 2015 20:10
@joe-crick Was thinking we could add a pre-navigation hook to can.route that would let you intercept a route change. At that point you can prompt the user, then cancel the change or let it go through
Justin Meyer
Jul 31 2015 20:40
@whitecolor where did you report them?
ok, I will have to fix that
looks like you can't make a filename w/ | in windows
Jul 31 2015 21:00
@justinbmeyer ok when you do tell me