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Aug 2015
Chris Gomez
Aug 27 2015 14:16

I notice a lot of people use the block helper to set the context of the nested template:

  Baz is a property of bar: {{baz}}

Question 1 of 2:
Will the content of the {{}} block be re-rendered whenever there is a change event on bar, or only when bar is set on foo?

Question 2 of 2:
If rendered on change, is there a clever way to set context without the expensive re-rendering of the entire block? Or is the context setting what makes it necessary to re-render the entire block?

Mohamed Cherif Bouchelaghem
Aug 27 2015 15:35
@justinbmeyer hi, when you have time, can you give me guidance to fix and test this canjs/can-connect#27 or the line in comment is just enough