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Sep 2015
Guido Smeets
Sep 02 2015 14:18

hmm, I just noticed that my can.components don't unregister events when they're removed from the DOM
is that behaviour intentional?

Nothing in the docs state that you should add a remove event that calls, seems a bit weird to have to do that.

Chris Gomez
Sep 02 2015 14:46
@gsmeets That is odd. I found this in component.js, but no calls to .off():
Guido Smeets
Sep 02 2015 14:48
hmm, the bug is actually a bit more subtle than I expected
it has to do with block statements being a direct child of a component
I'll see if I can create a simple testcase and I'll create a github issue
Chris Gomez
Sep 02 2015 14:49
Groovy. Thanks!
Paul Tichonczuk
Sep 02 2015 21:02
Created pull request to fix FF debugging function stupid bitovi/canjs#1877
@matthewp you were 100% correct on the lack of use of hasOwnProperty adding that in three places was the only fix