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Sep 2015
Kevin Phillips
Sep 09 2015 00:57
I’m not sure if there is a way to do this specifically in CanJS, but if you’re using can with jQuery you can use $.ajaxTransport() or one of the other low-level jQuery functions.
Sep 09 2015 01:10
@phillipskevin - Ah ok yeah that makes sense. I'll give that a try. Thanks a bunch!
Sep 09 2015 05:57
can anyone explain How to animate mustache templates ? I am following the documentation from here But I cannot find the file can/view/animation.js in canjs downloads folder. So how can I load that file in application?
Kevin Phillips
Sep 09 2015 12:47
@avg6003 can-animate is a plugin that you’ll have to install seperately.
Ilya Fadeev
Sep 09 2015 14:48
When I load can with npm it shows can.VERSION as "@EDGE" in browser console. Is this normal?