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Sep 2015
Sep 10 2015 07:37 UTC
@phillipskevin can you please give me a source from where I can download it? I could not find here: or
Sep 10 2015 12:28 UTC
Hi guys, looks like i found memory gap or probably i'm doing something wrong ). It happens when i'm trying to pass can.List into view and use {{each}} for this list. After i'm deleting the can.Control which contain the view i see the memory gap. it's not happens if i'm using can.Map instead. Is it known issue?
Kevin Phillips
Sep 10 2015 14:28 UTC
Guido Smeets
Sep 10 2015 15:44 UTC
@AntonProkofyev which version are you using? 2.2.7 contains a bug that stops any control inside a component from destroying correctly. Use 2.2.6 until 2.2.8 is out
David Luecke
Sep 10 2015 18:16 UTC