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Sep 2015
Gerard Finnerty
Sep 15 2015 00:21
@daffl ok i think im squared away fully now, thanks so much
Gerard Finnerty
Sep 15 2015 00:29
@daffl whoops, I spoke too soon, this doesnt work well at all in Firefox, but works fine in chrome
Gerard Finnerty
Sep 15 2015 00:38
@daffl belay my last, firefox caching it seems :P
Sep 15 2015 10:31
Hi All. There was a question on stackoverflow about extending can.Model with additional methods. As .model and .models is deprecated now what should i use instead?
Sep 15 2015 13:05
is there a plugin for webstorm to format .stache files?
nvm. I use the handlebars style
Nikolay Nadorichev
Sep 15 2015 15:13
@kiwi1342 use mustache plugin and set it up to open .stache files