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Sep 2015
Sep 21 2015 10:03
hi all, just noticed the example at is not working. Wrong url to steal.js
Gregg Roemhildt
Sep 21 2015 13:29
@abalmush, that does work. I have a follow up question, when using can.Deferred, is there a requirement to have some sort of 'init' method to initialize it, or is it possible to use without the 'initWidget' method that I have created?
Andrei Balmus
Sep 21 2015 13:44
@roemhildtg, well it depends, in your example you can make everything inside “inserted” method. But better to have some sort of “init”. The code will be clean and understandable.
Matthew Phillips
Sep 21 2015 13:44
@roemhildtg that's because you are sharing the same deferred instance across each component
I would use the define plugin and do
define { def: { Value: can.Deferred } }
Andrei Balmus
Sep 21 2015 13:46
yea forgot about define plugin, Thanks @matthewp !
Gregg Roemhildt
Sep 21 2015 15:26
Thanks @abalmush and @matthewp , I wasn't aware of the define plugin, good to know!
Marshall Thompson
Sep 21 2015 19:49
Is there an example somewhere of integrating can-serve directly into an existing Express / Feathers server so I don’t have to proxy?