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Sep 2015
Justin Meyer
Sep 24 2015 02:09
@/all I am now leaning to:
{foo}=“bar”   //p to c
{^foo}=“bar”  //c to p
{(foo)}=“bar” // 2 way
(foo)=“bar”   // binding
the main reason is I think [] will be important for use cases like:
where the eventType can be dynamically defined
Ilya Fadeev
Sep 24 2015 02:15
if we could just break through the fear of using a mustache character then "D" variant would be the most elegant, less verbose, and easily introduceable (like, here are two new operands "{=" and "}=" for p-c and c-p bindings) ...
Andrei Balmus
Sep 24 2015 07:10
@abalmush you should try, no build needed.
Yes, I love steal.js I use it on another projects, but this project needs some additional functionality only, I’ll try to examine if it's no big deal to move to steal.js (it’s very old project
Andrei Balmus
Sep 24 2015 07:16
How about:
<show-plate plate-name{c}="*selectedDriver" /> 
<show-plate plate-name{p}="*selectedDriver" /> 
<show-plate plate-name{cp}="*selectedDriver" />
Marshall Thompson
Sep 24 2015 18:13

<show-plate plate-name◀️="*selectedDriver" />

<show-plate plate-name▶️="*selectedDriver" />

<show-plate plate-name◀️▶️="*selectedDriver" />

Matthew Phillips
Sep 24 2015 19:16
I propose 🐱 for two-way binding
Andrei Balmus
Sep 24 2015 19:32
LOL :smile:
Justin Love
Sep 24 2015 19:50
<show-plate plate-name(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻="*selectedDriver" />