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Sep 2015
Chris Gomez
Sep 30 2015 16:37
@justinbmeyer I’m trying to bind to a model constructors “created” event. I referenced the demo here:, and created this JSBin:,js,console,output that doesn’t seem to work. What am I doing wrong?
Sep 30 2015 18:25
Alexis, we didn't see Justin's desktop) we see your cam :)
Sep 30 2015 19:09
@justinbmeyer sorry the video of can map is incomplete
as xedoken say we saw Alexis webcam and the whole can list Explanation we didn't see
And your digital clock we also didn't see
i think you have to repeat that training
Juan Orozco
Sep 30 2015 22:42
Hey everyone, just ran into this nugget. It's poor design of the data, imo, but I think can.Map should still work like the plain object does in regards to accessing the property.,console