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Oct 2015
Marshall Thompson
Oct 20 2015 03:39
@here With can-connect, if I want supermap functionality but I want to override getList to use feathersjs/feathers-client, is there a simple way to do that? Or do I need to start fresh and put the behaviors together manually?
Mihai Fantana
Oct 20 2015 13:26
hi guys. can you please tell me if there are other options for findAll to return Array not Model.List, than models() and findAll() { return $.ajax} ?
Mihai Fantana
Oct 20 2015 13:34
I am asking because we are migrating an old solution from jsmvc 3.2 to newest canjs. in jsmvc3.2 almost everytime we had a findAll, an Array was returned so we have a couple of Array methods called on data in all the project
David Luecke
Oct 20 2015 20:30
@meconcomputer Which can.List should also provide right?