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Nov 2015
Andrei Balmus
Nov 19 2015 08:58

Hi guys, please help! Still fighting with can.route, this is my code:


URL is: "

and I’m getting empty object in the console, what I’m doing wrong?

Andrei Balmus
Nov 19 2015 09:06
Ahh, found the issue, sorry guys, (I forgot to require pushstate) :D
Matthew Phillips
Nov 19 2015 13:35
ah, yeah
good reason to use DoneJS, that's done automatically
Justin Meyer
Nov 19 2015 15:14
@meconcomputer I'm not sure what you are wanting exactly
but there are 2 event systems for a good reason .. jQuery's event system is sooooo slow
but we still us it for DOM events because it is so heavily tested to work everywhere
however, you can still trigger an event on anything with
Matthew Phillips
Nov 19 2015 16:41
@justinbmeyer why is the jQuery event system slow?
Justin Meyer
Nov 19 2015 16:43
it has to do a lot more than our event system
deal with all the browser inconsistencies
take a look at jQuery.event.add
Mason Shin
Nov 19 2015 17:50
oh that’s good information
I need to avoid jquery event other than dom events now on