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Nov 2015
Gerard Finnerty
Nov 20 2015 06:52
Hi, question... 2.3 deprecating the old way of two-way binding... does it still work?
Matthew Phillips
Nov 20 2015 15:14
@halcyonandon if you mean foo="{foo}" yes that still works
Mihai Fantana
Nov 20 2015 16:39
@justinbmeyer I noticed that can.trigger is a "smart" trigger.
My question was if one can use can.trigger for events, and later on catch them without knowing on which object to listen e.g. emulate
'special.event': function() { }

//do something in another place (control/model) and when job done
//can.trigger(anObjectNotKnownToSpecialEventControl, 'special.event');
Justin Meyer
Nov 20 2015 19:17
I think can.trigger bubbles
so if anObjectNotKnownToSpecialEventControl is an element within SpecialEvent, it should be captured
Justin Meyer
Nov 20 2015 20:57
I'm going to go through the can/view/bindings code.
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