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Nov 2015
Marshall Thompson
Nov 26 2015 00:37
@justinbmeyer Why does switching pages in this jsbin break the extension list live updating? :,js,output
Paul Tichonczuk
Nov 26 2015 21:17
@justinbmeyer any recommendations on how I would figure out what is going on? It's obviously not a universal problem as it doesn't happen on every controller. nore can I get a standalone example to break in the same way.
David Luecke
Nov 26 2015 21:41
@tracer99 Our American friends are probably eating turkey right now ;) Can you reproduce it in a Fiddle though?
Paul Tichonczuk
Nov 26 2015 21:45
@daffl oh right. It's not a work day down there! DOH!
I've been trying in a stand alone project with no luck. So it's our code. But this same code works fine in Can 2.2.x
the hickup is that this computerAttr function dies when itterating over the elements of a controller. which I thought was weird. specifically when it gets to the constructor function for the controller
as an aside, can you still use a controller for routing in CanJS in a DoneJS project? doing routing in a template just seems dirty.
David Luecke
Nov 26 2015 21:56
It might be a regression but it's hard to tell without a breaking example.
I don't see what's wrong with routing in the template. You see at once what's happening with your app in different application states.