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Nov 2015
Mihai Fantana
Nov 27 2015 12:10
@daffl, @justinbmeyer can you please explain what is the purpose of having _reqs attribute defined in every can.Model.extend (see model.js: 199), but throught out the model.js code use only can.Model._reqs (not model's _reqs)? What is idea behind having cached a model only if global can.Model._reqs > 0 and not this.constructor._reqs > 0?
Kevin Phillips
Nov 27 2015 21:23
Is it a bad idea to use {{#each}} for object iteration when there are objects nested within other objects?
This is a simplified version of what I’m trying to do:,output
If you click the button, the viewModel is updated, but the template does not re-render
Kevin Phillips
Nov 27 2015 22:12
ok, this issue isn’t because of the nested objects. {{#each .}} is probably a bad idea. I assume using attr isn’t going to replace that entire context, so it won’t know to re-render.
something like this fixes it, for anyone who's curious:,output