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Dec 2015
Justin Meyer
Dec 01 2015 18:52
Hey, if anyone wants to sponsor DoneJS, I created a patreon page:, $1 a month gets you a DoneJS sticker and t-shirt!
Mason Shin
Dec 01 2015 18:55
Does stealjs complains about trailing comma for compiling?
I know old(very old) one has complained about trailing comma when compiling production.js
how about current stealjs?
Justin Meyer
Dec 01 2015 19:05
@minsooshin I don't think it does
it would be uglify that would
or esprima
which I doubt would complain
Mason Shin
Dec 01 2015 19:18
got it. so if you compile with steal-tools, it doesn’t complain about it, right?
I guess old version of Rhino complains about it
Matthew Phillips
Dec 01 2015 20:17
That's right
ES3 did not support trailing commas, Rhino only supported ES3
Mason Shin
Dec 01 2015 20:19
@matthewp thanks for clarfying lol
Gerard Finnerty
Dec 01 2015 22:04
@justinbmeyer any word yet on the donejs meetup date in palo alto?
Justin Meyer
Dec 01 2015 22:44
@halcyonandon thanks for reminding me
I didn't get many emails about a date that works
for people
I'll send a reminder email
@halcyonandon cc @minsooshin we are looking for someone to host the meetup. Not sure if either of your companies has a meeting space we could use on a Sat or Sun?