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Dec 2015
Mason Shin
Dec 02 2015 00:12
I will ask to my mgr, and get back to you @justinbmeyer
do you need the place or place with snack?
@justinbmeyer I think we can, but need to clairfy on what you need from us :)
like as brightroll?
space, food and drinks?
Gerard Finnerty
Dec 02 2015 00:40
@justinbmeyer I'll ask around. I know they did a react meetup on campus that allowed the public, but it had to be specially planned
Mason Shin
Dec 02 2015 01:20
@justinbmeyer I got confirmation that we can host the meet up on the day
Mihai Fantana
Dec 02 2015 08:24
@justinbmeyer thanks for clarifying _reqs . Now it is clearer for me
Justin Meyer
Dec 02 2015 15:12
@minsooshin Awesome!
I'll email you
thanks a ton!
Mohamed Cherif Bouchelaghem
Dec 02 2015 15:19
The CanJS logo sticker in sale :D
(starts in 30)
Mason Shin
Dec 02 2015 17:41
@justinbmeyer okay! :)
Mason Shin
Dec 02 2015 18:25
please email me the detail requirement for that