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Dec 2015
Mason Shin
Dec 08 2015 05:28
I am totally confused….
Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 9.27.33 PM.png
this is preview of API call
it is string array
Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 9.27.42 PM.png
but when I print out the response data with success method in findAll, it shows this...
The work around is using custom ajax method for findAll, but I would like to use default findAll method of can.Model
I have no idea why findAll generage mapped data from response data
Mason Shin
Dec 08 2015 05:36
Should the return data be array of object, not array of string?
I guess that is the issue why it has braek down the string to array.
Mihai Fantana
Dec 08 2015 08:42
@justinbmeyer thank you for the feedback. well, for the moment I don't think so. for me, I know that this is a workaround.
The main idea for the issue is that, according to the documentation, it shouldn't have this behaviour. therefore it's a bug, isn't it?
I discovered this issue just fooling around with canjs and unconsciously include can/view/modifiers. Therefore it's an issue that is not obvious how it occurs and I think I'm not the only one facing it.
Also can you please indicate if there is another place but Control.setup to replace this.element?
Gerard Finnerty
Dec 08 2015 21:37
@index should still work, even though it should be %index, correct? - getting an array index within an array doesn't seem to work with @index... it does work with %index, but still seems like a bug, no?
Dec 08 2015 21:55
@halcyonandon yes that's a bug. @index should only be deprecated
Justin Meyer
Dec 08 2015 21:58
@halcyonandon please create an issue?
Gerard Finnerty
Dec 08 2015 22:02
@justinbmeyer sure thing, thanks
Dec 08 2015 22:41
@halcyonandon @justinbmeyer looks like this issue