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Dec 2015
Anthony Stansbridge
Dec 10 2015 16:37
Hey... is there anyone who happens to know JMVC >really< well here?
JMVC 3.2.4 (haha) :)
Alexis Abril
Dec 10 2015 19:22
Hey @Stansbridge, it’s been a while and I’m currently travelling today, but I can assist
What’s your question?
Gerard Finnerty
Dec 10 2015 23:28
@justinbmeyer we hit another troublesome bug in the new bindings...
one way bindings work but the new and old way no longer work... this happens when you set a value in the init or inserted events
Gerard Finnerty
Dec 10 2015 23:38
Patrick Clancy
Dec 10 2015 23:39
We’ve been using the %root property but wanted to know if this will continue to be supported?