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Dec 2015
Justin Meyer
Dec 23 2015 05:46 UTC
@atourkow I just finished cleaning up a bit of the Tutorial Overview language and examples:
@gsmeets so RequireJS is great but super lame compared to StealJS :-)
It's sorta like Backbone ... nice, useful for the time, but things like live-binding and custom elements have moved past it
Afaik, it doesn't support all the other module formats, you can't use it out of the box to load things from npm
does it support hot-module-swapping?
Guido Smeets
Dec 23 2015 06:05 UTC
It supports hot module swapping yeah, and multiple versions side by side
I prefer the AMD format tbh, don't care for commonjs
Justin Meyer
Dec 23 2015 16:16 UTC
@gsmeets how does it support hot module swapping?
it's part of the project?
or someone built an add-on server?
really ... I find CJS a lot nicer
it's easier to line up module and variable
define(["w","x","y","z"], function(a, b,c,d){ ... });
var w = require("a");