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Dec 2015
Guido Smeets
Dec 26 2015 11:02
Ahum, as I was saying. I haven't done hot swapping myself, but I've seen others attempting it. Might not work out of the box
but tbh it's not a deciding feature for me, our software is on a 9 week release cycle
because of a few fairly inflexible clients
Guido Smeets
Dec 26 2015 11:12
So hot swapping something I'll never need probably at this job ;)
What I like about the amd style definition is that everything is forced into the same place: the top of the file
that cjs syntax makes it way too easy to spread all those dependencies all over the place
add onto that the asynchronous nature of AMD, which maps better to a browser
easy choice :)
anyway, happy holidays, I've already been doing too much nerding through christmas