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Dec 2015
Guido Smeets
Dec 31 2015 00:22
@justinbmeyer yep, in 2.3.7 running can.stache on text templates is still twice as fast as running it on intermediates
so somehow the template parsing is faster than evaluating intermediates
Guido Smeets
Dec 31 2015 00:44
hmm, one last thing I'm noticing
did 2.3 introduce a breaking change to how sort works?
sort plugin that is I think
because all of a sudden the arguments to the sort function seem to be the sorted properties, not the list items that are sorted
Adam Tourkow
Dec 31 2015 01:16
ANy reason why npm install or using the full download of can js gives me WARN: can/view/mustache/mustache.js: Unable to find key "routeUrl(undefined,true)". ?
Matthew Phillips
Dec 31 2015 13:40
I'm wondering how we should do the 3.0 transition, as far as moving modules into their own repos.
@justinbmeyer @cherifGsoul @pYr0x @prashantsharmain
If we go ahead and move can.compute, what happens if you fix a bug
do you fix it in both?
Justin Meyer
Dec 31 2015 16:42
@atourkow are you using mustache?
@matthewp I'm not sure what you mean exactly
in both what?
in the legacy 2.X code?
and the other repo?
honestly, I'm not sure 3.0 will have everything in its own repo
that might happen in 4.0
it will be a huge undertaking to get everything in is own repo and documented well
vs just simply cleaning up the "core"
and removing old things to their own repo
Matthew Phillips
Dec 31 2015 17:38
I think it would be worth the effort
We should really be promoting can.compute
I think it's the secret sauce of canjs
Mohamed Cherif Bouchelaghem
Dec 31 2015 21:04
@matthewp @justinbmeyer :+1: for the can.compute it can be good for the new attr-less observe also
Justin Meyer
Dec 31 2015 22:03
I think it is worth the effort
I'm just not sure if it's worth the 3.0 effort
IMO, I'd rather release a 3.0 and then a 4.0 quickly after
Mohamed Cherif Bouchelaghem
Dec 31 2015 22:12
@justinbmeyer it can prepared before the 4.0
and officialy released with the 4.0
Guido Smeets
Dec 31 2015 23:43
Happy new year from the netherlands!