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Jan 2016
Andrei Balmus
Jan 20 2016 09:23
Hi @whitecolor, do you think it will be easy to move to gulp + StealJS from web pack ? It is a very old and big project, theer is a lot of tests and so on, I worry if I will need to fix a lot of stuff, but any way I will try on my local environment
Jan 20 2016 13:08

@abalmush Well actually you should estimate what wong with webpack. I think web pack is great, I just don't like how it works with hot reloading, as it creates bundles on server and repacks it every time, with steal/systemjs I got much faster results replacing only sources changed.

There are some questions to steal - about assets bundling (bunding other types then js/css, hash-busting, etc). But it has good bundles (chunks) optimization mechanics out of the box, though in webpack you can tweak it too.

Guido Smeets
Jan 20 2016 13:19
One of canjs' strengths is that it allows developer freedom in making choices wrt tooling.
And those of us that use can from before the donejs era aren't simply going to change toolchain overnight.
DoneJS contributor meeting
Guido Smeets
Jan 20 2016 17:18
Your meeting starts just when I'm eating dinner every time :/
Matthew Phillips
Jan 20 2016 17:27
@whitecolor Steal does asset bundling now, see "bundleAssets" option:
Jan Jorgensen
Jan 20 2016 22:56
If I'm doing ($specialevent)="doSomething()" is there a way to just hand off the default arguments for the event handler rather than specifying individual arguments?
Jan Jorgensen
Jan 20 2016 23:20
looking at can/view/bindings, looks like the answer is no