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Feb 2016
Feb 09 2016 00:43
@daffl is there a fix for the above?
Feb 09 2016 01:20
current workaround was to add paths: { can: /local-file.js’ } to the compile options.
and use a local copy.
Feb 09 2016 15:08
useful (and fun) analisys esp in term of promotion of canjs/steal/donejs
Guido Smeets
Feb 09 2016 15:11
hmm, I'm playing around a bit with the 2.3 bindings, and I'm wondering something

say my root component has this template:

     <comp-two (foo)="bar()" />

this triggers the bar method on comp-one's view model.
is there some way to trigger a method on the view model of the root component?

Matthew Phillips
Feb 09 2016 15:39
the root component being comp-one?
I would think ../bar() should work
Guido Smeets
Feb 09 2016 15:46
the root component is not in the snippet
the snippet above would be the stache file of that root component
so it's view model would be addressed by @root in 2.3 I think
(still trying to figure out all the 2.3 syntaxes. :))
you're right though, ../bar() works
I would've expected @root/bar() to also work
Matthew Phillips
Feb 09 2016 16:26
@root is %root in 2.3
%root/bar() wouldn't work though might
not sure
Guido Smeets
Feb 09 2016 16:29
Ah, I'll give that a go after dinner, thx
Justin Meyer
Feb 09 2016 19:34
cc @akagomez
1st graph shows that change propagation can update the DOM faster when there's about 10 items.
but that's the big problem
the initialization time