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Feb 2016
Andrei Balmus
Feb 14 2016 15:40
Hello guys, could someone help me wth can-compile? I dont undertsand why it doesnt work with webpack :( I’ve got a file “view.production.js" - when I inculde it to the page I’m getting an erorr: can.html Is not a function, I dont undertsnad how ca I use this bundle now :(
here is a views.production.js
(function(window) {
can.html('templates_navigationComponentTemplate_html', "<header>\n ….");
This is my gulp task:
gulp.task("app-views", function () {
    return gulp.src('client/app/**/*.mustache')
        .pipe( compilerGulp('views.production.js', options) )
        .pipe( gulp.dest('public/assets') );