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Apr 2016
Christopher Oliphant
Apr 08 2016 12:40
Question: Can I listen for change in visibility? If so, how? Thanks.
Apr 08 2016 13:14
:visible ?
Guido Smeets
Apr 08 2016 13:15

is there a way to listen to events being fired on a list of objects, i.e. something like:

"{*} saved"

will that help?
Guido Smeets
Apr 08 2016 13:17
nope, no examples in that list that listen to events on the individual items
the delegate plugin does what I want to do basically, but that's not included in components
Guido Smeets
Apr 08 2016 14:07
I fixed it by firing my custom event on the list, with the particular model as an argument
that will hold me over until I upgrade to 2.3 and make my root controllers proper components
then I should have better ways of getting this done