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Apr 2016
Thomas Sieverding
Apr 18 2016 03:23
@gsmeets Thanks for pointing out the .editorconfig thing. I’m 100% fine w/ tabs if we can get all repos to utilize 2 spaces per tab via ^. Yay readable github repos
Andrei Balmus
Apr 18 2016 14:22
hi guys as you may know is now removed feature., will it some how affect can.js ?
Adam L Barrett
Apr 18 2016 16:50
Trying to use CanJS with webpack and I get errors:
Any thoughts about why or workarounds?
Mohamed Cherif Bouchelaghem
Apr 18 2016 16:52
@BigAB did you use npm version of canjs?
seems yes it's weired that it trys to load *.md file
Adam L Barrett
Apr 18 2016 17:36
@cherifGsoul Yes, I used can from npm
Guido Smeets
Apr 18 2016 18:16
@Bajix yw ;) I ran into the same issue in the past. You can also append ?ts=2 to an url, if the repo is poorly configured