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Apr 2016
Apr 25 2016 07:13
Hi. I am getting a 40% delay when I do map.attr( {key: value} ); than when I use map.attr('key', value);
Here's the JS Bin:,js,console,output
Any idea what causes this anomaly?
Apr 25 2016 07:20
i think this is caused
because when do apply a object, can will do more stuff
Justin Meyer
Apr 25 2016 15:54
Gregg Roemhildt
Apr 25 2016 20:21
Hi all, is it possible to tell stache not to search up the parent(s) scope for a certain component?
And only look in the current scope?
Hm, just found leakScope. Going to give that a try.
Apr 25 2016 20:33
or use ./
Paul Tichonczuk
Apr 25 2016 21:41

If I want to have shared code in a DoneJS project that is not a component. ie. a can.Map which I want to define in one place and import it, how do I do this?

import Map from "can/map/";

export let myMap = new Map({});

failes with an error from steal about nodes being null

Apr 25 2016 21:43
dont understand
can you give a exmaple
Apr 25 2016 21:49
is this valid es6 code?
what about:
import Map from "can/map/";
        let myMap = new Map({});
        export myMap;
how do you import this?
Kevin Phillips
Apr 25 2016 21:52
export let… should be valid
what is the error message? @tracer99