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Apr 2016
Paul Tichonczuk
Apr 26 2016 01:54
thanks, but it looks like the bug with code related to this but we can't track it down. reducing it to a simple example works.
Justin Meyer
Apr 26 2016 17:20
List of breaking changes in 3.0 so far:
So far, the big thing will be making sure that things that used to be jQuery wrapped nodeLists are wrapped yourself
And, adding leakScope: true if you want that behavior on components
oh, inserted and removed will fire async
Justin Meyer
Apr 26 2016 21:37
so "basics" are ready for 3.0 as individual packages loaded via CJS
now I'm about to make can-define work with the new can-util
and then make can-define work with that component
Gerard Finnerty
Apr 26 2016 23:00
Using can.route, how can I history.replaceState(null, null, '/'); after the single page state change? In other words, I want to change the url to something else silently after the route change... if I use {can.route} change event, this fires before the hash gets added, so my replaceState gets replaced...