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Jun 2016
Kevin Phillips
Jun 01 2016 01:21
can.route is a map
can.route.attr('page’) // => "home"
if you run that in the original example’s console
that’s what you get
Kevin Phillips
Jun 01 2016 01:32
sorry if I confused you earlier… the view is using can.route’s attr function, not accessing the data directly
Joel Kuzmarski
Jun 01 2016 01:41
@phillipskevin Okay, that would explain why the plain JavaScript object didn't work like can.route; Thanks for clearing that up!
Kevin Phillips
Jun 01 2016 01:41
yep, no problem
Andrei Balmus
Jun 01 2016 12:00
Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 3.00.21 PM.png
Guys as I undertsand can.mustache is deprecated
but can.stache is undefined in can@2.3
or I missing something
Jeroen Cornelissen
Jun 01 2016 13:56
@abalmush you have to import can/view/stache/
Justin Meyer
Jun 01 2016 15:41
I'm going to have a semi impromptu discussion on design patterns in just under 2 hrs:
Andrei Balmus
Jun 01 2016 17:12
@jeroencornelissen yeah, thanks, forgot to write that I’ve resolved it. thanks a lot for your responce.