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Jun 2016
Paul Tichonczuk
Jun 24 2016 11:19
@daffl yeah, we have the wrapper, the problem is scope. The other problem with the wrapper is that it doesn't use the bundled libraries but goes and fetches it's own copies.
@daffl If we do use a component with an import for a template, does that mean steal does bundle those templates and we don't need to include them in can-compile?
Paul Tichonczuk
Jun 24 2016 13:44
OK. I figured it out. Importing the stache templates does compile them into the main bundle, and gets around this bug. Both in ES6 and traditional Steal syntax. So that is the way moving forward. We're only going to use can-compile for EJS files as this bug doesn't happen with them.
Justin Meyer
Jun 24 2016 14:38
Guido Smeets
Jun 24 2016 14:44
hmm, I'm using the double get promise pattern:
define: {
  fooPromise: { get: function ( _, resolve) {
    return Foo.findAll().done( resolve ):
  foo: { get: function ( _, resolve ) {
    return this.attr( "fooPromise" ).done( resolve );
But when I try the same with a findOne instead of a findAll it doesn't work:
TypeError: this.attr(...).done is not a function
anyone any idea why this pattern breaks down for single models? I see no reason as to why it should fail.
Matthew Phillips
Jun 24 2016 15:28
Not sure off hand, can you try using .then instead of .done?
Jun 24 2016 17:20
@daffl how can i get greenkeeper working on steal-css
e.g. ?
Sunil George
Jun 24 2016 18:23
Anyone from Bitovi, I have a quick question for you - what automated unit testing tool do you recommend for applications developed using canjs?
I am currently doing manual unit testing, I want an automated solution.
Matthew Phillips
Jun 24 2016 19:19
We use Testee to run the test in browsers:
and usually Travis CI to have them be run automatically as part of the github PR flow
Here's an example of our Travis config:
And using Testee to run the tests in Firefox:
We use Firefox because Travis comes with it pre-installed.
Sunil George
Jun 24 2016 20:08
Thanks @matthewp for letting me know. I have a question though. I saw the FuncUnit also helps run tests on browser, so why use Testee, does it have any advantages over FuncUnit?