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Jun 2016
Jeremy Miller
Jun 30 2016 00:07
So I've found the following problem with validate when extending a model
modelA has some properties with validations. I have modelB that inherits from modelA. modelB adds some properties to modelA and also adds validations on those new properties. I've found that when checking modelB.errors(), the validations for modelA don't fire, UNLESS I redeclare the validations from modelA in modelB's init function. Am I doing something wrong?
Jeremy Miller
Jun 30 2016 00:13
Or is this by design?
Carl von Buelow
Jun 30 2016 02:43
is there a way in canjs to have a callback fire one time for an overall route change? Be it only route params changing or the whole route. I have been using can.route.bind('change', function(ev, attr, how) { but this gets fired multiple times.
Thomas Sieverding
Jun 30 2016 03:22
Getting steal.js:2550Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'match' of undefined ;o
This is on a default index.stache generated from donejs
Jun 30 2016 07:12
@cvbuelow you want to check ev.batchNum <= Check that (please note the sectio "BatchNum" as it easy to miss if you just skim the page)
Jun 30 2016 07:20
when dealing with options.context and I wish to update it, I should take a copy first correct ?
Ow wait, what I want to do cannot be done, helpers only take positional arguments
Jun 30 2016 10:35
@whoever_said I have to use switch for using different component, once can write a helper witch works.
Justin Meyer
Jun 30 2016 22:31
@/all far from complete, but checkout the upcoming 3.0 docs site:
Thomas Sieverding
Jun 30 2016 23:00
@justinbmeyer :clap:
Joel Kuzmarski
Jun 30 2016 23:57
@justinbmeyer I like that it
*is a fluid layout