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Jul 2016
Jul 29 2016 09:01 UTC
Guys, di you know if it's possible to use ES6 class syntax to extend from canjs base classes?
Matthew Phillips
Jul 29 2016 12:13 UTC
It's not possible in 2.3
In 3.0 you can use class with can-define
Jul 29 2016 14:08 UTC
thanks, @matthewp
Justin Meyer
Jul 29 2016 14:49 UTC
@isadovskiy it's possible but most of the derived classes wont work in the right way
even in 3.0.
The problem is there's no "extended" hook
with ES6 class syntax
maybe we make it possible to call that hook programmatically in 3.0
class Person extends DefineMap {
Jul 29 2016 16:05 UTC
thanks for the headups, @justinbmeyer