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Aug 2016
Andrei Balmus
Aug 22 2016 14:27
Hi guys maybe it’s a known issue but I couldn’t find a good solution. I have a ViewModel in a separate file for my component. Which is loaded using SystemJS import viewModel from ‘./viewModel’; viewModel - is a function(attrs, parendScope) {…}. the questions is: How can I mock this function, using SystemJS. System.newModel() accepts only objects :( any work arounds on this guys? Thanks in advance!
Sunil George
Aug 22 2016 19:19
Hello, anybody getting this message in their consoles?
Invoking 'send()' on a sync XHR during microtask execution is deprecated and will be removed in M53, around September 2016. See for more details.
Seems to be emanating from jquery!