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Sep 2016
Justin Meyer
Sep 17 2016 03:16
CanJS 3.0 site updated:
We added a breadcrumb and made the left hand side independently scrollable.
(On this page isn't working yet)
also, we are going to make it hide the top white bar when you scroll down a little.
Justin Meyer
Sep 17 2016 13:04
(Mobile is broken too)
Nico R.
Sep 17 2016 21:23
I’m starting with can and it would be great to start using version 3.0. Most examples are using 2.x so it’s getting hard for me to start my tests. One key feature is to have array of objects within objects that can be handled by “levels” so each level handles its own unique features, states, etc.

My problem: it works for Map objects but I haven’t been able to do it using Lists
I created a base project it would be great that “Main” has multiple “Address” objects and maybe Address has several “City” objects.. and so on. I guess you could divide it into two:

  1. how to create the basic squeleton for that
  2. how to fill it with test data,js,console,output