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Sep 2016
Nico R.
Sep 24 2016 00:27 UTC
when using can-connect is it possible to update an existing record? insted of using .save() maybe .update() or .patch() ? I have a feathersjs powered standard REST API waiting por PATCH but instead I get a POST resulting in duplicate key error (mongodb => _id)
Nico R.
Sep 24 2016 01:34 UTC
bad news: I could not replicate this error
good news: it is updating, still there is some trouble and some errors on the console but the database reflects the correct values
Sep 24 2016 08:48 UTC
This message was deleted
Nico R.
Sep 24 2016 13:48 UTC
I’ve posted a question in stack overflow related to error handling while saving data to an API: