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Oct 2016
Justin Meyer
Oct 21 2016 14:30
I don't think that alone was every supported
there would have to be other code assigning target_element to the VM in init or some other place
Justin Meyer
Oct 21 2016 15:22
DoneJS Contributors Meeting is about to start:
Oct 21 2016 15:32
cant join?
also received no hangout link
hangout is fll
Oct 21 2016 17:06
How do I do two way binding ? eg. can.stache("<tag></tag>")( Inside the tag component I want to do this.viewModel.attr('dataProperty').
When I look at the viewModel, i'm getting %root as an attribute before I could access the properties in the data.
Justin Meyer
Oct 21 2016 17:31
@alice61 you want to set dataProperty?
on the viewModel?