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Oct 2016
Frank Lemanschik
Oct 27 2016 02:48
Gregg good question
exports.ViewModel = CanMap.extend({....,define: {}
in the define you normaly do setters and getters
@roemhildtg does that make sense to you or do you need more example?
Gregg Roemhildt
Oct 27 2016 02:57
That makes sense for the current version of canjs. But in version 3.0 it works a little differently. I think I have it figured out but I found it odd that when I access `define map._define.definitions it isn't a normal object. I converted it to an object using Object.assign
Frank Lemanschik
Oct 27 2016 02:58
Gregg don't know i am using canJS3 this way at present no one told me something other i can only refer to the canJS3 todo mvc and canJS3 bitballs examples
i think the todoMVC is the most upgraded
i think define the canMap is not deprecated at all
this shown here in todo MVC is simply a more readable way and attaches all vars to the same canMap element like you would do it with define directly the result is the same
Gregg Roemhildt
Oct 27 2016 03:13
Oh I misunderstood you, my bad. I'm planning on going through the new guides someday soon, thanks for the advice
Michael Price
Oct 27 2016 14:22
@Bajix i thought ionic was an angular thing
Kevin Phillips
Oct 27 2016 14:31
@Bajix donejs has plugins for cordova and nw.js. Someone is working on electron also.
if you’re looking for more html/css, @marshallswain has done a lot of work with integrating semantic ui with canjs:
Justin Meyer
Oct 27 2016 15:57
@roemhildtg why do you need that?
it's not a public API, but ._define should work.
I don't know why hasOwnProperty doesn't work
that's odd
Possibly something going on with Object.create?
maybe b/c we pass null and should have Object
actually, that's probably it
if you'd like to make an issue for that, please make it in can-define
Gregg Roemhildt
Oct 27 2016 18:25
@justinbmeyer I'm adding some additional properties to the definition object, like a field label and additional field Metadata. The point is to keep all of my field info in one spot without having to use an additional property. Then my component can configure itself using the define map.
But yes, I can submit an issue on that