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Nov 2016
Justin Meyer
Nov 04 2016 15:30
Frank Lemanschik
Nov 04 2016 16:35
sharing a new user story :D
[4:32:53 PM] ashok thomas: we were planning to base all of our dev to laravel and vue,after hearing from you, i think,we should think now on donejs
[4:33:07 PM] Frank Lemanschik: yes
Kevin Phillips
Nov 04 2016 16:35
Gregg Roemhildt
Nov 04 2016 16:39
Vue.js also does look pretty neat. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know how canjs compares with vue?
Frank Lemanschik
Nov 04 2016 16:42
i know it i am also creator of dietjs
we have some vue examples
canjs is better in many ways soon
at present vue offers some stuff that is in work at present here but i am sure it get done fast