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Dec 2016
Gira Minus
Dec 15 2016 00:49
I'm trying the bitballs donjs example and I am getting this error
Knex:Error Pool2 - error: password authentication failed for user "root"
Gira Minus
Dec 15 2016 01:00
nvm i found out the config is in database.json the db url
Thomas Sieverding
Dec 15 2016 05:28
@matthewp @phillipskevin donejs/autorender#34
Per Ehnbom
Dec 15 2016 10:09
@bajix, if you're looking at new project tools, I'm working on, targeted at one-team projects using scrum. Its early beta and still only core features are in place, but I'm very open to feedback and ideas. And of course, it's built with CanJS.
Frank Lemanschik
Dec 15 2016 13:08
@perehnbom if your a coder maybe look into and imdone package :D
its project managment right inside the code via git also easy share able tasks and that includes also external issu trackers like github and bitbucket maybe give it a try
and ofcourse its build using javascript
Per Ehnbom
Dec 15 2016 13:54
Ill check it out
Gira Minus
Dec 15 2016 16:34