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Jan 2017
Jan 14 2017 02:11
Im trying to observe changes on an object in a viewModel, but cannot figure out the syntax. '{viewModel.event} name' works to listen to the name, but '{viewModel.event} change' doesn't seem to work for the entire object nor does '{viewModel} event'.,js,output
to be more specific, I want to listen for anytime any attribute on the event object changes.
Justin Meyer
Jan 14 2017 04:39
@pYr0x I made a can-stache-bindings 4.0.0-pre.2 w/ your changes and a few others:
Jan 14 2017 09:36
Ok nice
Matthew Phillips
Jan 14 2017 14:26
@justinbmeyer in the future we should go with alpha first
@justinbmeyer also when we do prereleases we need to make sure to use the --tag flag
looks like pre.2 is showing up as the latest
which means anyone that installs can-stache-bindings will get that
I don't think that was intentionally
i'll fix it
I changed them to
latest: 3.0.6
pre: 4.0.0-pre.2
Justin Meyer
Jan 14 2017 18:18

@matthewp thanks for the fix. Oddly, I could have swore I checked this after making the release. Maybe the npm site didn't update immediately.

Why alpha instead of just a bunch of pres?

Jan 14 2017 21:36
Npm sorted alphabetic
so alpha is before pre
We had the same issue with steal
we cant release a beta because we released a pre version
Matthew Phillips
Jan 14 2017 21:55
basically if you want to make a breaking change and care about not breaking people who are using previous pre versions
you would want to use a different name