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Jan 2017
Jan 18 2017 00:38
@matthewp no i didn't
Jan 18 2017 08:28
@matthewp you talk about that issue canjs/can-component#10 ?
Matthew Phillips
Jan 18 2017 13:10
@pYr0x this one: canjs/can-stache#15
Jan 18 2017 13:29
oh yes. i working on that
or justin made it and i make the code cleaning and refacotrying and tests
Frank Lemanschik
Jan 18 2017 18:42
@Bajix sorry
was not looking here into the chat why did you not use skype directly
Thomas Sieverding
Jan 18 2017 19:05
@frank-dspeed I’ve just been distracted. I’ll follow up with you
Frank Lemanschik
Jan 18 2017 19:36
@Bajix sure no problem take your time i am around next hours
Gregg Roemhildt
Jan 18 2017 22:58
Hey everyone, I was wondering about potential template performance costs. Is there any major costs to using partial templates vs rendering one big template? For example, if I have split up a page into multiple partials, or have a table where each row is a partial versus putting all of that into one single file template. Does that make sense?
We can also assume that all of the partial template files will eventually be bundled using steal so there won't be any network performance issue in loading the extra partial tempates